360° Bulb Series
LED Type:MCOB Module Material:Crystal Ceramic+PC Input Voltage:AC185-265V Base:E27/E26

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PAR Lamp Series
LED Type:MCOB Module Material:Airline-cast Aluminum+PC Input Voltage:AC185-265V Base:E26

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Silver alloy tube Series
LED Type:MCOB ModuleMaterial:PCBase:G13Input Voltage:AC85-135V OR AC185-265V

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6 grooves on Aluminum base ,insulating treatment. Gold foil integrated circuit packaging . Luminous efficacy increased to 130LM/W. However, conductive problem should be paid attention to.


General or ambient lighting for living spaces can be achieved through a combination of effects. Portable or overhead lighting or wall sconces, for instance, can

Chinese wafer production will grow by 36.6% in 2014
According to the analysis of IHS company, Chinese wafer production will grow by 36.6%, and reaching $1.475 billion in 2014, while LED package will grow by 14.8%, and reaching $ 4.812 billion.
European Commission subsidizes €3.15 million to help research hybrid SSL module
Recently the European Commission is providing funding for the new inorganic and organic hybrid lighting module research projects.
LED Tube Light Series
LED Tubes with standard efficiency
LED Tubes with super high efficiency
Crystal Ceramic Lamp Series
LED Bulb
LED Candle Light
LED-Plug-in Lamp
MR16 & GU10
PAR Lamp Series
PAR38 & PAR30
Aluminum Plus PC Lamp Series
LED Bulbs
MR16 & GU10
LED candle lights